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(English version without translation)

Here the second episode of our new project called : « Enough Is Enough ». During the next weeks, you will be able to read a testimony of someone living in Detroit-area or Michigan about many current topics : racism, US society, police brutalities, social injustices… The Pistons France Team wanted to give a worldwide stage in order to denounce some facts about America.

Today our guest is Roddy Green (/OfficialRoddyGreen), Detroit City FC soccer player.

Here the video sent by Roddy Green himself with his answers of these following questions :

1- First of all, can you present yourself for our followers who don’t know you yet. A short presentation because obviously it’s not our main topic today.

2- As a Black footballer, how did you react when you have learnt the decision by the Milwaukee Bucks of boycotting their Playoffs game? Do you think this kind of protest – boycotting events – could be extended in others sports or arts such as cinema, music…?

3- We saw your team is very implicated in the Black Lives Matter movement, can you explain us what it happened in the locker room after the shooting of Jacob Blake? They were some conversations with your teammates?

4- During these past years, NBA has tried to help the Black Lives Movement but as footballer, do you think MLS or NISA care about these injustices and social issues? Do you think they did some efforts to help the movement comparing to the others American sports leagues?

5- The Major League Soccer isn’t really mediatized in Europe. The racism is also present in soccer arenas as we could see in Salt Lake City with Russell Westbrook recently?

6- What do you think about the current movement in the USA? We saw many confrontations between citizens and police officers in several cities. How do you feel when you watch it?

7- As a young black American, do you have a testimony to share with us? A bad memory where you saw or lived the racism against you? Maybe during your childhood or your career?

8- How do you describe the current atmosphere in Detroit? Do you believe Motown could be one of the main cities to help and support the Black Lives Matter?

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